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Birthdate:Oct 19
Location:Vienna, Austria
Website:my fic at AO3
Age statement

Yes, I'm definitely over 18. I'm even over 21, if that makes any legal difference where you come from.

I'm a fanfiction reading and sometimes icon- and fiction-posting female.
You are free to friend me. I'm afraid I wont automatically friend you back - please don't be offended. My stories and icons are never friends-locked so you can see them anyway.

Friends can read a little bit more about me here (I seldom get around to updating this. Don't be disappointed, there's not much information there...).

My real-life name is not "Joan Waterhouse". I have no intention of giving the impression that this is my real name, nor do I want to have things in this journal reflect harmfully on a person of that name. LJ Abuse Policy

"Then why did you choose that name and not [random_letters]+[random_number]?"
Because that would have been boring! Also, Joan is an actual nickname of mine in RL. I choose Waterhouse, because a) I love the paintings by John William Waterhouse; b) while I read Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle I was fascinated by the character Daniel Waterhouse; and c) if you take my real surname, research in it's etymology, flip things around a bit and translate it to English you might end up with something like Waterhouse.
Mature Content

If there is mature content in one of my posts it will be clearly marked as such (i.e. you will be redirected to the page where LJ asks you if you really are sure that you're old enough). Please do only read these posts if you really are old enough!

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